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Soyoko Shikama

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Soyoko Shikama is an award-winning Japanese illustrator. Born in 1980 in Shiga prefecture. After graduated from design department of Seian University of Art and Design, she worked as a graphic designer at design studio in Tokyo, and started her career of freelance illustrator in 2007. She has two different style of illustrating. One is manga-style, and the other is art-style with sacral motifs such as angel. Works: Illustration for: PBW 'Silver Rain (Tomy Walker Co.)'. Trading card game 'Collection King - Lost Fantasy Episode 4-8, Gaiden3 (NHN Japan Corp.)', 'Beast's Night (Terranetz Co.,Ltd)'. Book covers, frontispiece, internal illustrations of 'Genrou Fantasia Novels - Rokunin no Kyo Oji I/ II/III by Yuki Oginome (Gentosha Comics Inc.)'. Mobile phone wallpaper (Ateam Inc.). GREE game 'Kimi to Naisho no ... Kyo kara Kareshi (WINLIGHT Co., Ltd)'. Exhibition: Solo exhibition - 'primal' (Tokyo) 2010. Group exhibition - 'SAKURA Exhibition' (Tokyo) 2009-2011', 'SAKURA Exhibition NY' 2009-2010, 'setsugecca' 2010, 'setsugecca NY' 2010, 'DESIGN FESTA' 2006, 2008-2010, 'ARTs*LABo' 2007, 2009, 'ARTEVEKTOR' 2007, 'Cosmic Fusion' 2009-2010. Published Works: SS06[WARITSU], SS05[1C*Style], CHESS, SS04[F], SS03[PIECES], SS02[HEAVEN'S}, SS01, SS00. Awards: SAKURA Exhibition 2010, Grand Prix. setsugecca, gr@phic prize/KYOTO prize. SAKURA Exhibition 2009, Quasi-Grand Prix.

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